This weekend was a total think&relax weekend for me. I found myself watching Chef movie. Even if it got %88 Rotten Tomatoes it inspired me to find some clues that I missed during my carrier road. Maybe you can start the new week with fresh ideas and more courage to yourself and your job.

Here are the 12 lessons from movie that I found about business life…

1- Never Quit!
You may broke, you could lose your all belief and all your capital too but the point you think that you lose it all is the best beginning chance of your life.

2- Don’t Let Anyone!
People will talk, people will humiliate and they won’t believe the things you want to achieve. They will oppose to anything you are going for but don’t let them destroy you. Don’t let anyone dull your talent. Trust yourself and your instincts. Don’t forget only enemy and only friend to you is again, you!

3- Adapt Yourself to Innovation!
There are millions and thousands of people out there doing what you do, make a difference and stand out with the innovations and the use of technology. Keep a close eye to social media and technology. Visit fairs, exhibitions whoever you think you can get the fresh idea.

4- Street Whispers!
Besides the newest developments always land an ear to street and to the crowds. Try to meet, talk and discuss more strangers each day, talk about anything, and find what street will offer to you.

5- Family?
If you are hardworking and so ambitious about what you do, it’s so easy to forget the most important thing in your life, the reason you stand; your family. It’d be so hard to be there every time but who sad it’d be easy? Because after all the only real love and the satisfaction of love you going to get is from your family.

6- Would You Buy?
Whatever you produce or work on, the first question always need to be: “ Would I buy it?”. Don’t make anything that you won’t buy, read, listen or eat!

7- Make Good Colleagues!
Your work friends or employes are not just friends with benefits. Create a workplace and work relations based on trust, sincerity and fairness. Accept work is a part of your life, it is not another life. You can fight, you can shout and could have a little tempered discussions but keep in mind that it’s better to not have one.

8- A Lot Like Love…
No matter what, “I don’t like preparing reports but I have to” is not a way to be successful. If you don’t like it and don’t feel like it’d get you nowhere than leave it now before it’s too late. Because whenever you find something that you love, you’ll never question if you like it or not, you’ll make it with heart.

9- A pinch of ambition, tons of hard-work!
Being ambitious is a great thing but the more you put, the more it’ll change you. So put a little ambition to get a taste but more of hard-work for the real pleasure and satisfaction.

10- Ingredient Sells!
The image is everything no one can ever discuss this, but an image without a feeling? I really don’t think so. Work for the ingredient and the content to make your best. If you use them the picture will be great with many inspirations on it.

11- How much?
Money is all we need, no doubt. But it’s a tool in our roads to success. Don’t dream for the money, dream for the success, dream for to make a difference.

12- Happy Ending!
Happy endings don’t just happen in movies. After all if you can stand against all at the end good and hardworking wins!



Image: ChefTheFilm.com

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